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Losing weight starts in the head

Lose Weight Overweight Hypnosis

Want to lose weight healthily and maintain your desired weight in the long term? Is this also possible without a rumbling stomach or attacks of ravenous hunger?

Yes - with cause-oriented hypnosis!

During hypnosis your brain is particularly receptive. This is an optimal prerequisite for replacing old, unhealthy eating habits with new behavioural patterns. For example, during hypnosis we can anchor a healthy, balanced diet or regular exercise in your brain instead of a desire for sweets.

By means of cause-oriented hypnosis, we can also uncover and resolve a mental imbalance. Because more and more often we eat out of frustration, boredom, loneliness or stress. Our thoughts constantly revolve around food, calories or our own weight. The frustration and disappointment are enormous when the yo-yo effect occurs after losing weight. It is precisely these causes and blockages that are dissolved in the hypnotic state of relaxation, which have prevented healthy weight loss and the long-term maintenance of the desired weight. The wonderful thing about this is that there are no negative side effects such as ravenous hunger or the feeling of doing without.

A study by the University of Tübingen compared how hypnotherapy compares to diets. The study showed that hypnotherapy not only had a positive effect on weight and body fat, but also on general health and significantly improved the quality of life. Source: https://www.institut-fuer-hypnose.de/abnehmen/studie-der-uni-tuebingen/

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