Hypnosis - a natural state

We experience hypnosis several times every day and quite naturally and spontaneously. For example, it happens while daydreaming, driving, going to the movies, playing sports, reading a book, or just before falling asleep and waking up.

It is important to understand that the human being consists of different levels. In the following, I would like to talk in particular about the consciousness and the subconsciousness.


During the consultation we will clarify all open questions and you will get clarity about how hypnosis works and how it can help you with your challenge. In addition, the consultation is an excellent opportunity to get to know me personally as a hypnotherapist. You will have the opportunity to better understand my expertise, experience and approach. We can talk about your expectations, concerns and fears to ensure that you feel in good hands and develop confidence in the hypnosis process.

Everything in balance program

During the 3 sessions, I will guide you sensitively and competently into the soothing world of hypnosis. You will have the opportunity to fully enjoy the wonderful state of relaxation. During hypnosis, I will work with you specifically on your individual issue, which we have discussed and defined together in the preliminary talk. The aim is to travel to the source of your challenge and resolve the cause of your difficulties.

Through this work in hypnosis we can bring about long-term positive changes in your life. You will feel how your inner self gradually frees itself from stressful emotions and blockages and how you can once again feel more joy and ease in your everyday life. Hypnosis enables you to free yourself from old behavior patterns and ways of thinking and to shape your life in a new, positive way.

I accompany you empathetically and competently on this path. With my help you can solve your challenges sustainably and look forward to a happy and fulfilling future.

Costs: Adults: CHF 1'490
Costs: Teenagers (12 - 18 years): CHF 1'190

Your success is very close to my heart.

Therefore, with three sessions I guarantee 100% satisfaction, otherwise I will give you your money back.

Mental hygiene

I will also be available after the hypnosis sessions to guide and support your progress. During the Mental Hygiene we will reflect together if there have been any changes since the "Alles im Lot" program and how you have been doing since then.

"Life happens while you are in the process of making other plans."

Often things in life change or new things are added, on which we will work together again.
We will dissolve negative and stressful emotions and transform new negative beliefs into positive ones. In this way you can bring your thoughts and feelings into harmony and focus on the realization of your goals.

Finally, I will perform an Esdaile hypnosis to allow you to relax deeply and recharge yourself with the necessary resources. This is about promoting your inner peace and strength and giving you the energy you need to successfully master your everyday life.

Cost: CHF 249/semi-annually

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Ensuring to stay on the new path
  • Deepening of the new behavior pattern
  • Reduction of negative beliefs and anchoring of positive beliefs
  • Increase energy and zest for life
  • Sensitive and competent support on the way to the goal

VIP program

Within one year, a total of 8 appointments are made, focusing on a maximum of three different topics. The first appointment lasts between 2 and 4 hours, while the follow-up appointments are between 1 and 1.5 hours long. Individual topics are covered, which are discussed in advance of the appointment.

Another 2 dates are related to Mental Hygiene. This is about strengthening mental health and dealing with stressful situations in everyday life.

To support personal development outside the sessions, a maximum of three personalized audio files are created. These can help to positively influence the behavior pattern and thought processes.

An additional enrichment of the VIP session is the joint chakra hypnosis, which gives you new energy

To enhance the positive effect of hypnotherapy, the price package includes a double pack of Delin Bionics (shoes and bed).

Costs: CHF 4'890

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Choice of dates by individual arrangement with consideration of preferred days
  • Solution of various challenges at the root cause
  • Dissolution of stressful patterns and implementation of new behaviors
  • Anchoring positive suggestions at a deep level
  • Increased well-being and vitality due to improved microcirculation
  • Reduction of stress in everyday life

Chakra hypnosis
(only in german)

Chakras are subtle energy centers that influence psychological and physical well-being. Disturbances in the chakras can lead to a variety of symptoms such as blockages, decision-making difficulties, fatigue, burnout, tension, chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

We analyze your seven main chakras to determine the current state of your energy centers. We then offer a theoretical introduction to hypnosis and the main chakras, followed by an intensive chakra hypnosis that opens, clears and balances all chakras to stimulate self-healing.

After this hypnosis you will feel relaxed, grounded and wonderful in every way. 

Once a quarter on Saturday from 10 am - 12 pm.

Within walking distance from Zurich main station

CHF 170.- (incl. chakra analysis)

Chiro Trance

Any hypnosis session can also be performed non-verbally with the help of chiro trance.

Chiro = Hand / Trance = Hypnotic state

ChiroTrance hypnosis was already used over 5000 years ago in the Vedic high culture.

In this remarkable method of treatment, the client is treated completely without words. The treatment takes place exclusively through the hands of the hypnotherapist. With a few hypnotic touches, a very deep state of relaxation is induced within seconds.

Therefore, there are no suggestions whatsoever. The clients are therefore completely free from external influence. The focus is on non-verbal factors. This allows the "Inner Healer" and the autonomic nervous system to work optimally. The "Inner Healer" decides what, when and how it has to happen in order to restore the holistic harmony.

Consequently, this particular form of hypnosis is also suitable for foreign speakers, deaf and blind. But also for all those who do not like to talk about their issues. Accordingly, it is also considered a wonderful alternative to classical or verbal hypnosis.

ChiroTrance hypnosis can be used to treat almost all physical, mental and spiritual issues. In addition, it is also optimal to reduce stress and recharge your batteries.

With a few hypnotic touches a deep trance is induced within seconds. Since the complete hypnosis session proceeds without words, the "inner healer" can do his work uninfluenced.

Additional information

Failure fee

Of course, something can come up. Please remember to cancel at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to attend. In case of late or missing cancellation I have to charge the full fee.


Please pay the entire fee by bank transfer within 30 days before the first appointment. You will receive an invoice from me including a receipt for your health insurance.


I offer hypnotherapy in Swiss German, High German or English.

Professional ethics

I strictly adhere to the duty of confidentiality with regard to all entrusted information to third parties.

Health insurance

Whether health insurers in Switzerland should include hypnotherapy in basic health insurance has been a political issue for some time. Until then, each health insurance company decides for itself whether and to what extent it will reimburse the services of hypnotherapists. Please clarify this in advance with your health insurance.

Hypnosis therapies and healing promises

As hypnotherapists, we activate the client's self-healing powers with our methods and knowledge. We do not make any promise of healing. We also do not make medical diagnoses or evaluate a medical finding. We expressly point out that our hypnosis therapies do not replace a visit to a specialist nor his diagnosis or treatment. This also applies to taking or discontinuing prescribed medications or therapies. In case of doubt, the doctor should be consulted. 

I basically work with adults and teenagers from the age of 16, and exceptionally with younger teenagers if they are accompanied by at least one parent.


Arrange appointment

I look forward to welcoming you to my practice from Tuesday to Friday.

I guarantee you 100% satisfaction with three sessions, otherwise I will give you your money back!

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