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7 tips for better sleep

More than a third of the Swiss population suffers from problems falling asleep or sleeping through the night. The reasons are manifold. One of the main causes is daily stress. Stress is accompanied by unpleasant emotions, tension, excessive demands, worries, fears, pressure and hectic. Many things easily get us emotionally out of kilter. Our emotional experience during the day has a lasting influence on how ...

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Lose Weight Overweight Hypnosis

Losing weight starts in the head

Want to lose weight healthily and maintain your desired weight in the long term? Is this also possible without a rumbling stomach or attacks of ravenous hunger? Yes - with cause-oriented hypnosis! During hypnosis your brain is particularly receptive. This is an optimal prerequisite for replacing old, unhealthy eating habits with new behaviour patterns. For example, during hypnosis we can create a healthy, balanced diet in your brain.

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Dissolve phobias and fears with hypnosis

Dissolve fears and phobias naturally and sustainably with hypnosis

There are so many kinds of fears and phobias. Some are afraid of buttons or raw meat. Still others have a panic fear of snakes or spiders. Furthermore, fear of flying or heights is also widespread. There are countless variations. Those affected experience their fears as extremely disturbing. Sometimes the mere thought of ...

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ChiroTrance Hypnosis

ChiroTrance Hypnosis - Relaxation and Healing without Words

In ChiroTrance hypnosis, the client is treated completely without words. The trance induction as well as the treatment takes place exclusively through the hands of the hypnotherapist. This means that non-verbal factors are in the foreground. Consequently, the "inner healer" and the autonomic nervous system can work optimally. This form of hypnosis is therefore also suitable for foreign speakers, the deaf, the mute and all those who ...

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How you can change limiting beliefs with hypnosis

Who does not know it? Every day, our minds are buzzing with thoughts that influence our emotions and actions. Many people are not aware that they are unconsciously and unnecessarily limiting their potential with negative beliefs. Beliefs are called such because you believe in them and they influence your actions. However, these beliefs do not correspond to the truth, ...

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