Depression and stress management

Regain serenity & joy in life

Through hypnotherapy, dysfunctional emotional states associated with depression and stressful conditions can be resolved to allow for a renewed sense of joy in life.

Stress and depression can affect any of us and put a strain on our lives. However, if you feel that your stress level is high over a longer period of time and depressive phases determine your everyday life, this can become a serious problem.

Hypnotherapy can be the possible key to success here and help you to bring your life back into balance. Learn how to manage stress and overcome depression to improve your quality of life.

Your success is very important to me. Therefore, I guarantee 100% satisfaction with three sessions, otherwise I will give you your money back.


Depression can affect anyone. Various factors have an influence on it and changing life circumstances can be the cause, among other things. You should take the signs seriously and react to them.

Depression and depressive phases are very treatable through hypnotherapy by changing negative thinking and behavior patterns with positive ones.

Hypnosis against depression: Let's improve your general well-being together and get the dark times out of your life. Get back your inner peace and contentment.


Burnout can be a persistent state of exhaustion, often caused by chronic stress. This can lead to excessive demands, listlessness and even physical pain.

But there is a way out of this imbalance: With the help of hypnotherapy, the subconscious is positively influenced and you can focus on your strengths and resources again to cope with stress and burnout.

Together we promote your relaxation and stress reduction so that you can live a liberated life free from physical and mental stress.

Stress Reduction

Everyone knows stress, everyone has had it, and everyone knows it's unhealthy for mental and physical health. Stress can come up in many different areas of life: Job, relationship, environment or health. So good stress management can have a positive impact on these areas of life.

Stress reduction through hypnosis is an effective and sustainable option. Special techniques can be used to calm the mind and reduce stress levels.

Let's find a long-term solution for stress reduction together. I will show you exercises and how to catapult yourself into a relaxed and calm environment in a stressful situation.

Sleep disorders

Sleep is extremely important for our physical and mental health. Therefore, sleep problems should not be underestimated at all. Sleep disorders can have many causes, and the consequences of these can bring with them a range of health problems.

With hypnosis you can counteract these problems and put your body into a deep relaxation mode. Through relaxation techniques, which are anchored in your subconscious, you can put an end to your sleep problems.

Pay attention to your body and mind and let's fight your sleep problem together. Thanks to hypnotherapy, your unhealthy sleeping habits will soon be history.

How does the "Everything in the Lot" program work?



During the consultation, open questions will be clarified, you will gain clarity about how hypnosis works, how hypnotherapy can help you with your challenge and also get to know me right away.


Hypnosis sessions

I take time to discuss your concerns, your goals, wishes, expectations and to clarify open questions. I will be happy to explain in more detail how hypnosis works. In a total of three hypnosis sessions we solve your issue, travel to the cause of your challenges and sustainably solve your issue directly at the source.


Mental Hygiene

In this phase, we discuss changes since the «Everything in balance» program, dissolve negative emotions, and transform beliefs. This ensures that your positive change remains sustainable.


Free of charge
Everything in balance program
Adults: CHF 1'490
Teenagers: CHF 1'190
(12 - 18 years)
Mental Hygiene
CHF 249/semi-annually
VIP program
CHF 4'890
Chakra hypnosis
(only in german)
CHF 170
(in group)


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I guarantee you 100% satisfaction with three sessions, otherwise I will give you your money back!


Is everyone suitable for hypnotherapy?

In general, every person can be hypnotized. It is important that the person being treated is open to engage in hypnotherapy. A certain relationship of trust must be established between the hypnotherapist and the client.

How effective is hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is a highly effective and scientifically recognized treatment method, which usually leads to success in just a few sessions. However, the willingness to allow hypnosis must be present on the part of the client. To hypnotize someone against his will is impossible and remains ineffective.

What concerns and problems can be solved with hypnosis?

Unless you were born with it, hypnosis can help you resolve or alleviate your root cause challenges. If you are unsure, just ask.

How does hypnosis feel?

Hypnosis is a natural and pleasant state that we experience quite spontaneously and usually completely unnoticed. You go into hypnosis several times a day (e.g. shortly before falling asleep or shortly after waking up, while daydreaming, reading a book, at the cinema, etc.). The body is deeply relaxed during this time and feels either heavy or light. Both are fine. Your attention is highly focused and directed inward. And this without any side effects.

How do I prepare for the hypnosis session and how does it work?

First of all, it is important that you have the willingness for a change and, for example, also really want to let go of fears, pains, etc. It is also advantageous to have slept, drunk and eaten enough. You should also be sober and receptive. Comfortable clothes are also an advantage.

For the first session, it is best to reserve three hours. At the beginning there will be a detailed conversation so that I can get to know you and your situation, you can define your goals of the hypnosis session and your questions will be clarified. Afterwards I explain how hypnotherapy works and how it can help you. After that I will accompany you in hypnosis and we will work on your issue according to the preliminary discussion. We solve your challenge at the root cause and undertake a targeted reprogramming of the subconscious to achieve exactly the goals you desire.

Follow-up sessions usually last 1 to 1.5 hours. During these sessions we deepen the reprogramming of the subconscious mind according to your goals.

Do I lose control during hypnosis?

The better you can trust and let go while going into hypnosis, the easier and faster I can help you. So the more you let go, the MORE control you get back over yourself and your life afterwards.

Does a hypnotherapist replace a doctor?

I would like to explicitly point out that hypnotherapy should not and cannot replace a visit to the doctor. A hypnotherapist does not make diagnoses and does not have the right to prescribe medication or change the dosage to a client. However, hypnosis can always be used wonderfully as an adjunct to any conventional or alternative method.

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