Voices from the field:
What my clients say

As a hypnotherapist, I would like to sincerely thank my clients for their trust and for allowing me to assist them on their healing journey. It gives me great pleasure to be able to bring about positive changes in their lives.

The testimonials of my clients are a source of motivation for me to continuously develop myself.

Thank you, Evelin, for your thoughtful guidance!

Evelin explained her procedure in detail in advance. I felt one hundred percent safe and in good hands with her. She listens very carefully to understand the issue. She builds her treatment on this. Evelin is very empathetic and at the same time very professional. I am glad that I found her and will consult her again if necessary. Thank you, Evelin, for your careful guidance!

Iris, 55

I feel liberated from many things

When I entered your comfortably furnished room on 5.3.2024, I felt at home. Saying goodbye to many acquaintances from my life gave me great relief. Talking to my child was a very special experience for me. I feel liberated from many things and thank you very much.

Therese, 79

I can only recommend Evelin

Evelin has a very empathetic personality and achieves exactly the desired goals in the therapy. I also felt very comfortable in the room.
I can only recommend Evelin.

Mirijam, 45

I thought I couldn't be hypnotized

Very effective. I thought I couldn't be hypnotized - important insights received and negative energies flowed away. Absolutely recommendable

R. P. L., 65

Finding courage and my way with hypnosis

I am very happy to recommend Evelin as an extremely emphatic and competent hypnotherapist. Thanks to her pronounced empathy, professionalism and diligence, I always felt comfortable and well looked after. During an extremely challenging and stressful phase in my life, Evelin supported me positively and helped me to find new courage and find my way." I am very grateful to Evelin for that!

Karin, 55

Professional support along the way

Very professional and trustworthy hypnosis treatment from the first contact to the end. I immediately felt in good hands. She introduces you to hypnotherapy professionally and takes the time to address your concerns and questions so that she can accompany you professionally on your path to change and/or support. I can highly recommend Evelin as a hypnotherapist. I will continue to work with Evelin on my path to change.

Elizabet, 51

The best decision ever

First of all, if I had known how effective and efficient hypnosis is, I would have gone down this path much sooner.

Hypnosis with Evelin helped me to overcome my fear of loss and inferiority complexes. Between the 1st and 2nd session a lot of things changed and I had the feeling that everything was falling apart - but only to realize that everything had fallen into place again and much better than I could ever have imagined. The potential that you carry within you begins to unfold and you can feel in everyday situations how you suddenly deal with them differently - you don't have to tell yourself this because it is reprogrammed from within.

What I find particularly great is that Evelin doesn't create another dependency, but shows you exactly how you can help yourself with self-hypnosis and remain autonomous.
She is incredibly great and you can tell from the very first minute that she puts her heart and soul into what she does.
The best decision ever.

Claudia, 35

After the 1st session I felt a sense of relaxation

I already felt a sense of relaxation after the first session and this has lasted to this day. My extrasensory perceptions are now clearer and I have more confidence in myself. Now I just get on with things and the anxiety is gone!!! I think the self-hypnosis at home is brilliant and I use it every day. Thank you dear Eveline! You are a great woman and a competent therapist.

Denise, 45, from M.

Sleep problems solved in just a few hours

I had sleeping problems and was able to solve them in just a few hours. After going to Evelin 3 times, I can sleep peacefully and my sleep quality has greatly improved, I have learned to put myself into hypnosis and I am super happy with the result.

Xavier, 16, from Z.

A much better attitude to life

I have suffered from migraines, neck pain and anxiety for decades.

Now we have only had 3 hypnosis therapy sessions together and I feel much better!
My attitude to life is better.
I am no longer at the mercy of the pain, because I have something to counteract it by using self-hypnosis and deep relaxation very often.
The sessions with you have released something in me and brought me relief.
It's almost unbelievable to me, but my attitude to life is much better and I feel more efficient!
Absolutely fascinating!
I will gladly continue with Mental Hygiene with you!
Thank you so much for your help!

Ruth, 76, from D.

Achieving my goals with customized sessions

I had an extremely positive experience with my hypnotherapy with Evelin. Her empathetic and professional approach helped me to achieve my goals. Evelin takes the time to understand individual needs and develops customized sessions.

Sophie, 46, from Z.

Felt good all around

"Already from childhood I was slightly overweight and depending on the phase of life my weight fluctuated by a few kilos up or down again. I was a fast and in-between eater and noticed only after the second time scooping that I was actually already satiated. Evelin gently guided me into a deep state of relaxation where I felt completely at ease. At all times I was capable of judgment and action. The 2-hour treatment was extremely pleasant. I was able to address issues that were important to me and to work through them with me. Our two sessions were a success for me. Since then I can walk past sweets without "cravings" and drink more water or tea. I sincerely thank Evelin for her sensitive personality and for letting me get to know her."

Diana, 57, from L.

Now I feel an enormous joy in life

"All I can say is wow!!! I felt very comfortable and at home. Evelin is very professional and trustworthy. We were able to intensify my emotions and then sustainably release my knob. Now I feel a tremendous joy in life. Thank you so much for this!"

Nico, 53, from Z.

Hypnosis felt like a trip into a dream

"If some people can kick the smoking habit using hypnosis, I thought I might as well give it a try. Of course I was skeptical whether I, as a self-confessed "control freak", could even be accompanied in hypnosis. I could - and it was a great, enriching experience. I could trust Evelin. She is benevolent, positive, empathetic, serious and highly professional. The hypnosis felt like a trip into a dream with radio play that you direct yourself without actively knowing the script. I highly recommend it. The effort to go into hypnosis was rewarded. I will certainly go again and am happy to recommend Evelin to others."

Laura, 37, from Z.

Very sensitive and empathetic

"Evelin is very empathetic and sensitive, she is also very responsive to one's own needs and goals and skillfully helps one to internalize them. Can be recommended to anyone who is open to new things and wants to tackle an inner change!"

Anna, 24, from Z.

Improved my behavior and sleep in a short time

"I am thrilled with hypnosis with Evelin. In a short time I was able to change my behavior and improve sleep. Hypnosis is recommended for anyone who wants to experience big changes in a short time. Evelin is responsive to personal needs and her pleasant voice made it very easy for me to fall into hypnosis. I am very grateful for this great experience."

Melanie, 49. from Z.

I could really let myself fall

"First I made an appointment with Evelin by phone and knew immediately that I would make an appointment. Already on the phone she answered all my questions. At the session, she then informed me again in detail about the procedure, which I found very exciting and helpful. She was super responsive to me and I am more than happy with the result! I could really let myself go. Many, many thanks, I would go to Evelin again anytime if the need arises again!"

Amanda, 27, from K.

Very sensitive and empathetic

"Evelin is very empathetic and sensitive, she is also very responsive to one's own needs and goals and skillfully helps one to internalize them. Can be recommended to anyone who is open to new things and wants to tackle an inner change!"

A.K., 24, from Z.

Positive and sustainable changes

The hypnosis sessions with Evelin have brought me personally a great deal further. Evelin is a serious and empathetic hypnotherapist whom I can recommend to everyone. I have found hypnosis to be very effective and have achieved positive and lasting changes with it. Attending her seminar on lightness was also worthwhile. What I learned can be applied well in everyday life and can be a practical help in stressful or stressful situations.

Miriam, 35 from Z.

I felt very comfortable and in good hands

"Evelin is a very warm-hearted person and knows how to respond well to the other person. During the initial session, she explained the exact procedure to me and addressed all my questions with her empathetic manner. I felt very comfortable and in good hands with her. She is a very competent, warm and professional therapist. And indeed, after the first session I already noticed a difference! After the second session I felt even better and I received additional tools from Evelin, with which I now continue to work on myself independently. Thank you very much for everything Evelin! I can only warmly recommend you to everyone."

Doris, 55, from Z.

I am totally satisfied and grateful

"Less is more! After a hypnotherapy morning, in a good atmosphere and total relaxation, I was able to address and solve the causes of my problems with the support of Evelin Kürsteiner. I am totally satisfied and grateful that I chose this therapy. For all those who don't want to go through years of therapy, I can highly recommend this form of problem solving."

C.T., 64, from T.

Evelin helped me a lot

"Evelin is great. With her professional, warm and calm manner she picks you up right away in a pleasant atmosphere. Evelin helped me a lot when I was in a difficult situation. I can recommend hypnotherapy with Evelin to everyone. Thank you very much for everything!"

Laura, 30, from Z.

Significant and very positive change

"Already after the first session I felt a significant and very positive change and received various positive feedbacks. Especially in the second session I received various tools with which I can continue to work on myself. Thank you very much for everything. I can highly recommend Evelin."

Karin, 48, from W.

Professional and with a lot of empathy

"Beautiful practice in idyllic surroundings. Hypnosis was performed professionally and with great empathy. Highly recommended."

Sandra, 60, from Z.

Pleasant and trusting atmosphere.

"Working with Evelin is wonderful. Through her gentle, attentive and very empathetic manner, she creates a pleasant and trusting atmosphere. Her way of working is very professional and well structured. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her valuable support and happily accept the positive changes that the sessions with Evelin bring. I am therefore happy to warmly recommend her here."

Olivia, 34, from Z.

No more craving for alcohol after the first session

"I am impressed that after the first session I no longer had any cravings for alcohol. The hypnotherapy with Evelin is very professionally structured and targeted to my needs. Evelin has great expertise and is very empathetic. I highly recommend it to anyone."

Clara, 47, from Z.

Completely changed my life after just one session

"I had big problems with panic attacks for years and no therapy or psychologist could really help me. After only one session my life changed completely. I still had two small panic attacks in the first 4 days, but after that not a single one! I can really recommend it to everyone. Even if you are not familiar with hypnosis, in the beginning everything is explained in detail and understandable. You can ask all the questions you are interested in or worried about. Of course also critical questions. I am fully satisfied with the result of the session."

Elena, 23 from Z.

Subconscious mind like "reprogrammed

"Evelin convinces through expertise and great empathy. An excellent therapist whom I can recommend without reservation. Through hypnosis, I have my subconscious like "reprogrammed", so that I am again mistress of my cravings. Unreservedly recommendable. And NO FEAR! Only what YOU want to achieve, you can achieve with Evelin's support in hypnosis. I can very well imagine hypnosis as a therapy for many things."

Bianca, 47, from Z.

I can highly recommend them

"Well, I am totally thrilled with the way Ms. Kürsteiner offers and holds the space during the hypnosis sessions. It's brilliant to be able to tackle and resolve important issues in such a relaxed atmosphere! If you are looking for a therapist, then you are in very good hands with Ms. Kürsteiner. I can highly recommend her."

Caroline, 56, from G.

She accompanies you on the path to active self-healing

"Highly recommended! Evelin is an extremely empathetic hypnotherapist who accompanies and guides you on the path to active self-healing. She does this in a very gentle and empathetic way that you just have to feel comfortable. I also find it good that there is no dependency with her, but that she lets you pull; you can decide for yourself when you need her support. Top!"

Claudia, 55, from Z.

Freer, more satisfied and calm inside

"After two unsuccessful attempts at hypnosis with other therapists, I felt my expectations were taken seriously for the first time with Evelin. She listened very well and took time to grasp my concerns. With her appreciative and empathetic manner, she managed to solve my long-standing problem in a sustainable way in just 2 sessions. Today I feel freer, more content and calm inside. I highly recommend Evelin to everyone!"

Alexandra, 41 from G.

Try it, you will be thrilled!

Hypnosis with Evelin is a really great experience, which has brought many positive changes in my (everyday) life. Evelin explains exactly what hypnosis is, how it works and how you can achieve your desired goals with hypnosis. The journey into the subconscious is a mega experience and highly recommended to everyone. I noticed positive changes after a short time and was able to overcome deep seated beliefs that were holding me back. Evelin has a great sense of individual needs and takes a lot of time in the hypnosis session for each challenge you want to tackle. I recommended Evelin to friends after my positive experience and they ended up going to her for hypnosis and were very pleased. They liked the experience of hypnosis with Evelin so much that they did more than one session. Try it out, you will be thrilled!

Nina, 34, from Z.

New emotionally balanced life

"I can highly recommend the sessions with Evelin to anyone who has any kind of problem. She has helped me to conquer my fear that has accompanied me for years and thus awakened a whole new potential in me. The amazing thing is that it took less than 2 sessions for me to be able to live a new emotionally much better life. I am infinitely grateful to Evelin for this and recommend her 100% from my own experience. Hypnosis was and is exactly the right thing for me. The sessions with Evelin are life changing experiences! Stop spending your time with time-consuming therapists and start solving your problems with Evelin. Thank you again so much for my new emotionally balanced life!"

J.B., 33, from B.

Already after the first session I felt not only better but also stronger and somehow tidier

"I was completely exhausted for weeks. Everything was too much for me and I didn't feel like doing anything anymore, not even my hobbies. My doctor had me on sick leave for a month and prescribed medication. "You are close to a burnout" he said and "you need to rest". But that was easier said than done, because with falling asleep and sleeping for more than 4 hours I had problems despite exhaustion for a long time. It all helped nothing, at some point it was enough for me and I signed up with Evelin for hypnotherapy. Already after the first session I felt not only better but also stronger and somehow more tidy. Sleeping through the night again - just great! Dear Evelyn, Thank you for your professional, pleasant and encouraging treatment. I am happy to recommend you to others."

Dora, 63 from A.

Since then I go through life with a new charisma

"I can highly recommend the sessions with Evelin. I noticed positive changes in everyday life already a few days after the first session and I go through life with a new radiance since then. Evelin is very professional, patient and empathetic, so I always feel comfortable with her. Thanks to our sessions I was able to notice beautiful and also long-term transformations in my life and going to Evelin was a very good decision. Thank you very much Evelin."

Nadja, 26 from Z.

Evelin specifically addresses the needs of customers

"Evelin is very empathic and you feel directly very comfortable through her warm way of dealing with people. The hypnotherapy with Evelin is very professionally structured and is targeted to the needs of the client. I am and was thrilled and recommend Evelin as a hypnotherapist from the bottom of my heart. Thank you dear Evelin"

Melanie, 36, from W.

More self-confident, courageous and clear in expression

"Without knowing why, I have always been attracted to hypnosis but never dared to take the initiative. When I met Evelin while dancing tango, I realized that now was the perfect moment. There was an immediate feeling of trust. A big personal event happened a short time before, and this opportunity from the subconscious through hypnosis to understand and accept things came very naturally. My expectations were more than exceeded in the 4.5h - session. Evelin accompanied me very empathetically and successfully to the goal. I simply could not believe how many pent-up feelings were given a voice, how everything could come together so harmoniously. The insights of the hypnosis continued to have an effect on me for weeks and my actions changed in a positive way. Already after 1-2 months I was told by colleagues that I was perceived quite differently, much more self-confident, braver and clearer in expression. Kudos to Evelin for making your work so magical in just one session. I can't recommend her enough."

Anca, 40, from Z.

Feel lighter & freer now

"I have found Evelin to be a supportive and empathetic person. She conducted the hypnosis session very professionally and pleasantly, I can recommend her anytime. Since the hypnosis treatment I feel lighter and freer, the queasy feeling in my stomach with my challenges in life, occurs much less often. Throughout the session I felt safe and comfortable."

Marianne, 57, from T.

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