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Overlay patch on mattresses - C2
Delin Bionics

CHF 139.00

Basic application (regeneration during the night)

Overlay patch on mattress

Basic product for the night for regeneration during sleep.

1 patch, 50 x 80 mm

  • Effect: 12 months
  • Production 100% in Switzerland
  • Medical device class I

Importance of microcirculation

In order for organs and tissues to be supplied with sufficient oxygen and nutrients, they must be properly perfused down to the tiniest vessels.

A disturbance of the microcirculation can have far-reaching consequences and cause diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, adult-onset diabetes and others. A disturbed microcirculation in the areas of our brain can become noticeable through a decline in memory and concentration or dizzy spells.

Maybe you just feel tired and listless because the cells lack the necessary energy. The body can regenerate less easily, the immune system is weakened, so that the susceptibility to diseases increases and healing processes are slowed down.

Mode of action

If the delin bionics® reflector patch comes into contact with the body or in its vicinity, the electromagnetic waves (mainly heat rays) emitted by the body are reflected and radiated back into the body. This activates the regulatory mechanisms of the microcirculation.


Our patented delin bionics® reflector patch activates the regulatory mechanisms of microcirculation through self-stimulation of the body cells. The resulting improved blood circulation increases mental and physical performance and resilience. The regeneration times become shorter and the risk of injury decreases.

The more constant the body is in contact with the delin bionics® reflector patch, the more optimal the effect. We therefore recommend a preferably uninterrupted application during at least 3 weeks, e.g. by a combination of the application possibilities in bed, in shoes and on seats. A longer constant application can demonstrably benefit from cumulative effects. Of course, targeted individual applications, e.g. to strengthen the immune system or to promote vitality, are also effective. A continuous application has a preventive effect, an oversaturation is not possible.

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