About me: Evelin Kürsteiner

With heart and mind I support you to reach your personal goals.

My name is Evelin Kürsteiner and my passion is to help people solve their challenge in a sustainable way.

I wish that you can lead a self-determined and carefree life, and without creating dependencies. I work with a lot of dedication, empathy and heart. Your well-being and the achievement of your goals are as important to me as they are to you.

I guarantee you 100% satisfaction with three sessions, otherwise I will give you your money back! 

It is an honor for me when I can accompany you on your way a little bit. To see you relieved and with shining eyes afterwards is a wonderful gift for me. Exactly this gift you should also give yourself. You deserve to live a happy life.

Education and training:

I completed my training as a professionally trained hypnotherapist at "OMNI Hypnotherapy".

In order to provide you with the best possible support through hypnosis, I continuously further my education in the field of hypnosis.

2024OMNI HypnoSport® Specialist
2024Yager Code - Dr. Norbert Preetz
2023OMNI Flash and Quick Hypnosis
2023OMNI HypnoWaving® Specialist
2021ChiroTrance Hypnosis
2020OMNI HypnoSlim® International
2019Certified Hypnotherapist OMNI/NGH
2014 -2016Master's degree in Financial Consulting
2005-2009Bachelor's degree in business administration

Member of the SBVH (Swiss Professional Association of Hypnotherapists)

Member of the NGH (National Guild of Hypnosis)

Certification OMNI
Certification NGH

OMNI: Why there exactly?

OMNI and its founder Gerald F. Kein have been a byword for efficient and sustainable hypnosis methods and techniques since 1979, taught at over 20 locations worldwide. Since March 2015, the training is even ISO 9001 certified.

OMNI works in a cause-oriented way and thus solves the problems directly at the root. Because in reality, suffering arises because the psyche signals to us through physical symptoms that something is wrong. Thanks to hypnosis and through very specific processes, we can find the origin and neutralize it accordingly.

Evelin Kürsteiner is known from...

Hypnose Im Lot live on Radio 24. Click here for the audio recording and videos.

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I guarantee you 100% satisfaction with three sessions, otherwise I will give you your money back!

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