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20 minutes free consultation

Are you unsure whether hypnosis is right for you? Secure your free and non-binding consultation with me.

This will give you clarity about how hypnosis works, how hypnosis can help you with your challenge and you will also get to know me. 

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First meeting

Teenagers (12 - 20 years)
flat rate CHF 380.- / approx. 2 hours

Adults (21 years and older)
flat rate CHF 470.- / approx. 3 hours

The first session includes a detailed preliminary talk, anamnesis, explanations about hypnosis, answering your questions as well as the actual hypnotherapy.

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Follow-up meeting

CHF 160 per hour (60 minutes)

Partial hours will be billed in quarter-hourly intervals.

A follow-up session can also include new topics and usually lasts 1 - 1.5 hours.

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Please note

Protection concept: It is important to me to take the best possible care of your and my safety and health. Consequently, the recommendations of the FOPH regarding businesses with personal services with body contact under COVID-19 are fully taken into account at Hypnose Im Lot.

This includes, among other things, that the treatment room is thoroughly aired and disinfected before each appointment. The toilets are also cleaned daily.

We will not shake hands to greet each other. We both wear protective masks. Furthermore, we both disinfect our hands at least before and after the session. Therefore, sufficient disinfectants and protective masks are available. By the way, these measures have no influence on the effect of the hypnosis.

Please stay at home in case of symptoms of illness (e.g. cough, fever, breathing difficulties) and inform me as soon as possible.

Failure fee: Of course, something can happen. Please remember to cancel at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to attend. In case of late cancellation or no cancellation I have to charge the full fee. 

Payment: Please pay the fee either in cash or by Twint on site. Alternatively, you can pay BEFORE the appointment by bank transfer. I will be happy to issue a receipt upon request.

Languages: I offer hypnotherapy in Swiss German, High German or English.  

Professional ethics: I strictly adhere to the duty of confidentiality with regard to all information entrusted to me by third parties.

Health insurance: Whether health insurance companies in Switzerland should include hypnotherapy in their basic insurance has been a political issue for some time. Until the time comes, each health insurance company decides for itself whether and to what extent it will reimburse the services of hypnotherapists. Please clarify this in advance with your health insurance company.

Hypnotherapies and healing promises: As hypnotherapists, we activate the client's self-healing powers with our methods and knowledge. We do not make any healing promises. We also do not make medical diagnoses or evaluate medical findings. We expressly point out that our hypnosis therapies do not replace a visit to a specialist doctor or his diagnosis or treatment. This also applies to the taking or discontinuation of prescribed medication or therapies. In case of doubt, the doctor should be consulted. 

I generally work with adults and young people aged 16 and over, and exceptionally with younger young people if they are accompanied by at least one parent.

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